Remodeling a kitchen can be quite an adventurous process, as long as you keep things into perspective. There are some that get so crazy, they end up spending more money on remodeling than they need to, especially about bathroom remodel Phoenix style.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Below are expert suggestions from Signature Kitchen and Bath company to help keep your remodeling experience in balance.

Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling

1) Take the time to reduce the time, steps and space you waste in the kitchen. Where do you eat breakfast? Think about storing all the breakfast items nearest to where you eat. This will reduce the steps you take. This will give you more storage for other things. Sometimes just moving certain thing around in the kitchen can really change up the look.

2) Pathways should give you just the right amount of space. Look at the space you have right now. Is it adequate enough? You might have to open up some things. When you take this step you do need to be careful. Some people go crazy with this one. Some people open up more space than what is actually needed.

Take measurements before you do this. Know how much space you do need to make the improvements you need. Most pathways should be about 36 inches side to side. You really do not have to make it more complicated than that.

3) What about your microwave. Your microwave needs to be at the right height and level. It needs to be where you can get to it. You also need to take the kids in the house into consideration. Never have the microwave at a child’s level. The child could end up hurting themselves.

Modern Kitchen Decor

4) Another really cool idea is to re-construct the kitchen cabinets and doors. Swing doors are so cool to have. It’s a great way to save on space. Add a few shelves. Make the doors swing in either direction. If you are going to be installing two or more swinging doors, you will want to make sure they do not bump into one another.

Take some measurements. Before you are ready to see the doors in full motion it’s best to do a test run. This will give you an idea of what needs improvements, if anything.


These are just a few ideas, some tips to get you started. You do not necessarily have to gut your whole kitchen in order to change things up. The point is to make it your own, whether you just moved in or if you have lived there for a while. Think of your personality and make the remodeling job your own.